New smileys (+ hidden ones)

I love them, great work Joen! I can’t wait until they’re in core. For now you can use this plugin I made.

smile :smile: or :-) or :)

wink :wink: or ;-) or ;)

bigsmile :grin: or :-D or :D

tongue :razz: or :-P or :P

heart <3

neutral :neutral: or :-| or :|

uneasy :-/ or :/ or :-\ or :\

lol :lol: or XD

sad :sad: or :-( or :(

cry :cry: or :'(

evilgrin >:D or :evil: or :twisted:

surprised :eek: or :-o or :o or :shock: or 8-O or 8O

angry >:( or :mad: or :x or :-x

burrito :burrito:

wordpress (W) | (w)

mindblown O_o

mindblown-alt o_O

martini >-I

whiterussian |_|

star :star:

developer :developer:

bear :bear:

mrgreen :mrgreen:

arrow :arrow:

confused :? or :-? or :???:

cool :cool: or 8-)

idea :idea:

blush ^^’

oops :oops:

rolleyes :roll:

exclaim :!:

question :?:

39 thoughts on “New smileys (+ hidden ones)

  1. Could we please have a smilie that shows ‘innocence’, an ‘angelic’ smilie perhaps?

  2. Can we please have a google barge load of emoticons to select from? I’m talking contemplative ibex deep.

  3. Coming from wptavern. You did a very nice job Janneke! I just downloaded, uploaded and activated the plugin and it is not working anyway.

  4. Also here from WPTavern. I like these new emoticons. But I’d miss these three old ones: mrgreen, shock, roll. I just like those better. :)

  5. Thanks for putting together this plugin – love the new smileys ! However, it seems to be creating a problem with a theme that I use when viewed on an iPad (Safari or Chrome). There’s no problem if I view my blog from a laptop. The theme I use is Origami by Site Origin (

  6. Could we PLEASE, PLEASE have the old eye :roll: , :shock: AND :lol: with the laughing lips back? PLEASE! I like the new ‘heart’ and the new puzzled :?:, but my writing is going to shrivel up creatively if I cannot get back eyes that roll, and belly laughter that is reflected with the moving lips. [And of course, I would welcome an ‘angel’ smilie.]

    IS anyone actually reading our comments? Anyone who can DO something about returning the smilies that worked?


  7. Thanks a lot for the plugin and the list – I really like the new emoticons! But they would fit even more perfect if I could change their color slightly. Can you say something about the licence for the smilies? I couldn’t find anything about it.

  8. I tried the programmer one and it worked! For about two seconds. I saved my draft and all of the functionality went out the window. I don’t know what happened.

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